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My Apologies

Teach&Learn is a demonstration site for my Senior Project. As such, not everything here will work. Hopefully you get the idea.

One of the conclusions I reached in the project was that the educational community was in sore need of quality content on the Internet. Further, the educational community, through the universities and colleges, should take the lead in creating an entire universe of noncommercial gateway (portals) and educational content websites for educators, classrooms, and students.

In other words, Educators Unite!. Please do not realistically expect businesses to create the quantity and quality of websites that will finally fulfill the promise of educational technologies. Just browse around and you see what you get with that approach. Universities have all the resources needed in their faculties and students to create and maintain such sites on a long-term basis, especially for academic subjects. Publish to the Web or perish(sm) Obviously, this effort should be encouraged by public funding and grants.

If you like this site, first - email a colleague (email ten colleagues!) and encourage every educator you know to bookmark this site. Second, email me with your comments, suggestions and inclusions. If I get enough interest, I'll move it to a permanent site and update everyone who has sent me their email address.

On a personal note, I really do like doing this kind of thing, and I think I'm rather good at it. (Notice the sites below.) So, I am seriously considering finding a way to fund this site. Would you like to help?



By the way, I am a technology professional and entrepreneur, and have several "concept" websites (slowly) developing:















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