Who owns the goose?

 The game has changed.  Humankind has reached an era unlike anything in our past.  We no longer have to struggle just to survive.  Our accumulated knowledge and know-how has given us an unprecedented ability to produce goods and services to live long & fulfilling lives.  We - humankind - have built an unprecedented economic engine.  Many millions of us have died and suffered to get here.  But many more still suffer, and we seem stuck on the idea that many should suffer for a few to thrive. 

 Time to ask some penetrating questions.

 We have the resources.  We have the technology.   We have the wealth and we even have the golden goose that lays it.   But who owns the goose.   Who owns the goose when millions and even billions have died to build this world we have today.    It seems we have a distribution problem.

 Economics is about distribution of resources.   

 Continued population growth may not be necessary.   It made sense then, but not now.  Yet "growth" is the only accepted business model.  More consumers, producers, taxpayers, voters, constituents.   Every political, institutional and commercial king wants more subjects, more power, more wealth.  Can we afford it?  Can we afford them?  Do we need leaders that set themselves apart.

It starts with asking good questions

Who Owns the Goose?

Is exploitation required?


For most of mankind's history, the comfortable to lavish lifestyles a few depended on the exploitation of many.


How can enough wealth be generated, and in what form, for such that it distributed equitably and sustainably?


Does it require a unique time in history for this to occur, a time such as our own when we have built a strong enouhg economic engine?

 1.  What is a "healthy"  distribution of wealth?

2.  What is wealth?   (When it evaporates so quickly, is that "wealth".  Or is the true "wealth" in our system and culture)

3.  What are "healthy" levels of taxation?   We need taxes, but how much.

4.  What social services need to be built into the system - Roads, Defense, Public Safety are givens.  Most other developed countries build in Health Care and Pensions.

Lets do the math

Can we develop sophisticated enough formulas that reliably represent all modern economic societies. 

GDP = C + I + G + (X-M)

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exportsimports)